Aidan J Crowley Reviews/Cuttings

Some cuttings from the Critics and some letters and notes received backstage, taken from the scrapbooks, over the past twenty years. Reviews are not very important, nevertheless, there have been some great reviews and mixed reviews, the positive ones are included. We all ignore the rest! Nobody can deny that any production is a team-effort but waiting in the wings it is nice to be appreciated from time to time.

I watched your one man show the other day. It was certainly 'out there' and so many layers of meaning I still have no idea what it was about. But you played that challenging role so perfectly and your singing was stunning.

Aidan, what can I say, only you would bring opera and Shakespeare into a one man play. I loved it. You are a gifted actor.

We attended the recital in Queens's Park the other night. Just wanted to say we came along with some friends of…not expecting anything. You were extraordinary. Your voice is so emotional and powerful and I hate opera but you brought me to tears in a good way.

That was a brilliant and moving performance and some day the world will see what I see in your work.

I just wanted to comment that I am a great fan of your songwriting and excellent guitar playing. Underrated and understated. Closer and Distance I love.

…and Aidan Crowley as the superbly acted Dick Deadeye…

What you have done for Tom's poetry is much appreciated and the audiobook is very very good and suits his work.

Crowley played the role with depth and sensitivity.

…the energetic Aidan Crowley played the circus master with aplomb.

Aidan Crowley, in this world of kitsch, you are the courageous actor demanding something better.

At first I did not like what you were doing with Deadeye (this was in Buxton) but after a couple of scenes I understood it and I loved it. The finale 'He thinks he's won his Josephine' to the first act was the best I have ever heard it played. Bravo!

Hi there your Shakespeare recordings on Soundcloud are fantastic. Are you recording more?

Crowley is very charismatic in a gruesome kind of way.

Crowley has a tremendous voice, operatic in tone, a powerful presence onstage and I could not take my eyes from him when he appeared.

I have seen you in a number of roles at the Union and what impresses me most is how different you were in each. You remind me of a different Theatre.

You are a great actor. This is not meant to sound rude but you will come into your own with age so keep going.

…wisely played him with an Irish lilting accent despite the setting and it worked well.

Aidan your problem is that you do not know how good you actually are.

Crowley's tenor carries easily. I suspect he will grow into his voice with age and become a rare breed indeed.

Valene was played to great comic effect by Aidan Crowley, his bitterness towards his brother simmering underneath every word.

Your guitar playing is not like most and this is as it should be. It is called talent Aidan and do not change a thing about it.

...and Toennesen was the wonderful Aidan Crowley with subtext and emotion, perfect diction and stillness.

Crowley was really good as the antagonist here. Playing opposite such a strong actress he held his own.

…the role demands intelligent playing and craft and Crowley delivers.

Just to say you gave a fantastic performance as Connor, very natural. It is a difficult play and you stood out as usual.

Hello Aidan, I have played that role and it is not easy. You made it effortless and poignant.

You were so good we had no idea you were the villain until the revelation.

Aidan Crowley was hilarious as Sandy, a young actor to watch.

Crowley was particularly moving as the Texan with a confused and broken heart.

This young Irishman is going to be a great actor.

Crowley will be called an overnight success one day. This will be unjust to his superb ability and hard work.

I wanted to say I attended the reading on Friday and you played Kreutchmar perfectly. He was so evil you made my skin crawl.

It was particularly good to hear the Irish Gaelic spoken onscreen (a perfectly cast and powerful Aidan Crowley).

Dear Aidan, I was at the Romeo the other night and you were excellent as Mercutio. There was pathos in your performance. But you are so young!?

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